Shane McDonald

We provide expert 
legal advice in a practical
and cost-effective manner.

McDonald Solicitors is committed to ensuring our clients' success through knowledge of the industries in which they operate and the provision of specialist advice. Our core areas of practice include;

Whether its purchasing, selling, leasing or financing property, residential or commercial, our vast experience means our clients are in good hands, transactions be they the largest or smallest and everything in between require dedication, accuracy, attention to detail and above all else speed and communication which is what we promise to deliver in every transaction.

The enforcement of legal rights and the disputes people and business encounter call for result orientated litigation, a period and process that can be a challenging experience for litigants. With 25 years’ experience and the technical skill and common sense that brings results in the most complex, sensitive, and contentious situations as well as the most straightforward disputes of whatever nature.

Our personal injuries practice encompasses everything from road traffic accidents, occupational injuries, workplace injuries, and occupier’s liability, to claims for assault at all levels and in all jurisdictions. In a practice area top heavy with undue levels of delay we have the experience to ensure that the best results available are achieved.

We understand that dealing with end of life and estate planning is an emotional and difficult time that can prove to be complicated and demanding. Our experience in dealing with Wills, Trusts and Estates, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Wards of Courts as well as Probate and the administration of the Estates of our loved ones, and the all too frequent disputes that can arise, should prove invaluable in meeting the needs of our clients.

Family disputes demand understanding, practicality and compassion from the legal practitioner in what are uniquely emotional and stressful situations in the challenge of changed personal circumstances, with a focus on resolution rather than litigation.

We provide expert legal advice in a practical and cost-effective manner.